kristina rocco
Kristina Rocco is a singer/songwriter and pianist from Long Island, New York. As a public
school teacher, Kristina holds a Master of  Arts degree and when she’s not grading tests,
you’ll find her either on stage or in studio. Together with her husband Michael, they have
released dozens of albums, performed hundreds of live shows and have been featured in
film and TV. From a young age, Kristina’s life would be dominated by her musical
aspirations. As a high school student, she was a member of numerous theater companies
including the Long Island Performing Arts Center (Now the Spotlight Players) and the James
Street Players. During that time, she also belonged to the award winning show choir Vocal
Motion, averaging 30 performances a year. With the group, Kristina traveled all over the
East Coast, performing in venues such as Quincy Market, South Street Seaport, Disney
World’s Main stage, Universal Studios, Epcot, and Niagara Falls. As a senior, Kristina was
voted “Mostly likely be famous” by her high school classmates.

However, it wasn’t until she met her husband, Michael J. Rocco, that she began her career
as a recording artist. Kristina met Michael (now her producer) in 2002 during a theater
production at Staller Center in Stony Brook, NY. Ironically, they played the roles of husband
and wife. Four years later, they were married. Michael was already composing music as a
solo artist and for independent movies and theater productions. Merging Kristina’s beautiful
voice and showmanship with Michael’s stellar composing and unwavering vision, The
Roccos began recording music under the name
Trail of Stones.

Their first album, "11:11," was released in June of 2006 and was actually used as their
wedding favors. In 2007, TOS recorded their first pop album, "The Answer." This album
featured a remake of the immortal classic “You Don’t Own Me.” Although the album boasted
rave reviews, the couple were unhappy with the artistic direction in which they were heading.
At that time, Kristina & Michael began performing as "The Roccos" and released their next
album "Bird on the Line." In 2010, they formed the hard rock band "Blackout Parade" and
toured the tri-state area. In 2012, their doom metal project "Cult of Herodias" was born,
earning Kristina & Michael international success. The same year, The Roccos released the
group's third album "The Way Home" followed by a regional tour. In 2013, Kristina released
the album "The Tower." Two new studio albums "Oil & Clay" & "The Roccos" were released
in 2014, followed by a live local tour including a performance in honor of P.S. I Love You
Day and The Alexis Pilkington Memorial Foundation. Also, in 2014, Kristina released her
studio album "Then & Now." In 2015, COH released the album "Greyvein" and in 2016,
Kristina released both live and compilation albums. After battling and conquering cancer,
Kristina is now back to recording, singing/playing in her live bands and has released her
new album "Just Be Glad" plus more upcoming releases. She has toured the country and
has shared the stage with musicians such as Michael Grimm.

Kristina Rocco currently lives in Holbrook, New York with her husband and their 8 cats... and
Partial Discography for Both
Kristina Rocco and Michael J. Rocco:

In The Used 1999
Ring Walk 2001
Poached & Paddled 2001
Giants 2001
Synus Plum: The Theo Show 2002
(with Carl J. Grasso)
Faces of Fame 2002
Oil & Clay 2003
Trail of Stones 2004
11:11 2006 (with Trail of Stones)
The Answer 2008 (with Trail of Stones)
Bird on the Line 2009 (with The
Blackout Parade 2010 (with Blackout
Slow Turn 2011 (with Kristina Rocco)
The Way Home 2012 (with The
Cult of Herodias 2012 (with Cult of
Then & Now 2013 (with Kristina Rocco)
Oil & Clay 2014 (with The Roccos)
The Roccos 2014 (with The Roccos)
Now & Then 2015 (with Kristina Rocco)
Greyvein 2015 (with Cult of Herodias)
Michael Rocco 2015 (Self-Titled)
This Much 2016 (with Kristina Rocco)
Just Be Glad 2017 (with Kristina Rocco)
Kristina Rocco Duo 2019
Escape (with Grayvein) 2019
Mosh Pit for Flute 2019
The Other Side of Fear 2019
You See It 2019
Also Produced:
Pholus 2009-2010
Jigsaw in Space 2009
Maghaggard 2009
P22 2001 & 2009
The Bake Street Hauntings 2011
Fugax 2012
Death by Axotomy 2012
Themes for Piano 2012
Kristina Rocco The Tower 2013
Ambience for Piano 2013
Kristina Rocco Live Birthday
Celebration 2016
Amphora (1990-1995)
Play Scores:
The Last Dream 2002
The Shop 2002
Wormwood & Uncle Jackie 2004
Radio Drama:
Hall of Shadows 2019